Poor Fangirl Diary: Honeymoon Tour


Today is August 23, 2015 and yes it’s honeymoon tour of Ariana in MOA Arena. Few more hours and the most awaited concert will begin .

I’m a fan at heart. She’s gorgeous, pretty, hot, and talented and her songs are just fucking awesome that even I can’t reach the notes I’m still singin’ like Grande way lol.

I am writing this right now because I cant accept the fact that me and Ariana were breathing the same polluted air and I can’t be there to watch and support her LIVE. This is so depressing really. I know in myself that I didn’t make “iponing” for her concert because i just rely and put my hopes in different giveaways on the internet. I joined a LOT promos and luck was not on my side so I didn’t win any (feeling lucky kasi) and now I regret and cry a river. But I guess if I have that amount of money right now I will not buy that small piece shit of paper co’z I know that there’s a lot more use of that money . Maybe you can say that I’m not a true ‘Arianator’ but I’m just being practical in my own way and not that rich tho.

Now, I’m just gaining myself a positive and good vibes and trying to unleash this bitter feelings for those who will attend the concert especially vip’s and those who have M&G PASSES!!!!!  Well this is life. I promised myself that someday I can attend any concerts i want and will not make asa in giveaways anymore. *deep sigh* ILY ARI just want to express this feeling. KAWAY SA MGA TEAM BAHAY. Hashtag ang hirap maging poor fangirl.

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