MYXMO 2015

Concert pa more! You see, ‘Gary V Presents’ performed last October 30 and Myxmo October 31 (what is rest). From Gary V con, we got home at 2 am in the morning and I should be awake in 3 hours because we have an activity in church. After that, I took a nap of 3-4 hours to restore my energy co’z im exhausted af and severe headache is killing me. Woke up at 12pm and we should be get going by 3pm (good thing I was able to watch #AlDubBahayNiLola) SOLID <3! AHAHAHA 

We spent an hour looking for the venue plus we eat first co’z we don’t want to party with an empty stomach. We arrived late ofc haha. lol so here’s random pics. xcuse the LQ


20151031_211629-01 20151031_212728-01 20151031_192823-0120151031_200530-0120151031_200059-0120151031_210519-0120151031_210214-01

Most of the band/artists performed wore their costume to celebrate Halloween. Philia (RC Munoz band) and Pedicab were my fave hahaahaha. Well I think I’m becoming a fan of RC coz dude she’s so kewl doing the growl and stuff <3. The only thing I didn’t like that night is we’re standing the entire con huhuhuhuhuhuhu ENDURANCE b3h I can’t remain active for that long period of time. (i’m with my boyf so pabebe ako *winkwink*) jk

Meanwhile, in the middle of the con, there’s a girl crying co’z she lost her phone/someone stole it. tsk tsk nakuha ko pa talagang picturan 

20151031_202702-01 20151031_202714-01 We didn’t get the chance to finish the event because it’s getting late in the evening but all in all, we had fun seeing random bands and artists pulling off their songs live up and close! 🙂

20151031_210707-01 20151031_222355-01


Thank you Myx for an awesome 15 years of sharing Pinoy Music

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