His 21st x Spice Cafe x MOA

Typing this while listening to Bieber’s Love Yourself  hihi <3

My boyf turned 21 last Dec 1 and this is what I got him in advance for his birthday. A buffet lunch at Spice Cafe located in 7th floor of City Garden Grand Hotel! This is our first time to have a mej formal brunch together. Everything went according to plan so to share some happenings, random photos below :p 

The view from our place gave us more romantic setup and let me tell you that we’re the only couple and there were like 5 persons inside so 20 mins after arriving parang halos kami na lang tao dun which is I think a good thing.

IMG_-526ckw  There are different stations inside which include salad station, dessert station, Roast Beef station, Filipino food station, Japanese station, Pasta station, noodles station, dimsum and takoyaki station; bread station, Pizza station, shawarma station, Fruit station and Crepe station. We didn’t waste the moment being there so we get a lot of food out of all these different cuisines but super limited photos of food well anw my fave was creme brulee!




From Makati, we went straight to MOA for an ice skating getaway!



It’s amazing how a thin blade and a sheet of ice can make us fall in love.



Again, happiest birthday to my love :* Thanks for viewing! <3

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