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God wants us to know that life is a series of beginnings, not endings. Just as graduations are not terminations, but commencements. Creation is an ongoing process, and when we create a perfect world where love and compassion are shared by all, suffering will cease.

Bernie Siegel

I can still remember the day when I took my first step inside Polytechnic University of the Philippines Quezon City and witnessed its plain-vanilla facilities. Honestly as a high school graduate from a private school, I’m not impressed with how the University looks like at first. I can say I was dazzled from different universities who visited us during our high school years and all of them presented how advanced and developed their campus are that’s why I expect a lot.

In God’s favor, I passed the entrance exam without reviewing any because as I have said, I’m not impressed and I want to go on a private university to experience comfortableness. Rooms with aircon, fine-looking buildings, random areas with wifi, different laboratories with complete stuffs, and mall-like comfort rooms were just few examples of what I’m expecting in my college life but PUP showed me that these things are just luho of mine (tho I’m not condemning students in private school) and honestly it doesn’t affect me as a student as well as in my studies and besides, life as a PUP student helps me grow as a person and made me realized that I should work hard in anything that I do because no matter how rich or poor you are, that’s how difficult life is. As years go by, I’m becoming more and more and more thankful that I’ve given the chance to study in PUP because of its very cheap tuition fee yet it offers highest quality of education.  It’s not only me who benefits from it but generally my parents because I know that sending your son/daughter in college is really a challenge and PUP made it a lot easier because of 12 pesos per unit. 
Average tuition and miscellaneous fees in PUP (4 years): P8,000-P12,000
Average monthly salary of newly employed fresh graduates: P12,000-P16,000 

May 5, 2016 

The most awaited moment in our lives. Wearing this Harry Potter-look /black gown and cap/ is a surreal feeling and it feels like I’ve done something I can be proud of the rest of my life lelz and I swear I never get tired of taking pictures wearing those. 

Image may contain: 1 person, indoorA bitter sweet part because another chapter of my life has ended and I’m going to miss all of it to bits! but of course, I’m the happiest about the fact that I finally graduated and actually made it on the right time. 


To my professors,

Thank you for all the teachings about studies and life that will remain in my mind and heart for my entire life. I know I’m not the smartest student but just belong on the average one, you made a very big impact to my character because you guys have different moods and attitudes and hard to please but with that, I’m very grateful for all your efforts to teach us. I know some of you don’t know me in my name but just recognized me with my pretty face 😛  

To my classmates/friends,

I don’t know how I ended up being friends with all of you despite of my introvert persona. I honestly don’t want to graduate just yet because of you guys. We spent so much time and efforts, things has not been easy for us to get here but this reward we get is priceless and we’ve finally made it. Congratulations batchmates! 

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To my parents,

No words can describe how thankful and happy I am for all the support and effort you made for me. I wouldn’t be here achieved all the things I have now without your help and love.  Thank you for the unconditional support. I know you guys are the happiest with this achievement. 

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And of course, God for guiding me from the day I was born until now. You never fail to make me feel blessed, contented and amazed with all your miracles in my life. 

As I continue my journey in life, I will surely never forget those countless lessons and experiences I’ve got from my Alma matter ika nga nila ‘Wala sa upuan yan, Nasa umuupo yan’. Whatever challenges I may face every day, I’m very sure that it’ll be easier for me to overcome because my training ground (PUP) already gave me a strong foundation and taught me what to do and what-not. Wherever I go, I’ll always bring the pride and the attitude of a PUPian who don’t give up easily on things and will continuously use my knowledge and skills to help people.

BS Entrepreneurship

Proud PUPian

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