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A very proud moment for us! We are now in the halfway and starting to enter the new battlefields of life. Having a real and true friend is I can say a must have in life even if we didn’t get to talk to each other every single day and just knowing each other’s lives through social media but when we do, we never stopped talking.

Almost all of teenagers in this generation have their own kind of friendship goals and one of these is to graduate as a degree holder and yes we made it together though we’re attending on different university. I’ve never thought that we will come this far getting closer and closer to each other since our high school years.

We were both starving from having IG feed that is very organize (we OC like that), photography enthusiast in our wildest dreams, fond of thrilling adventures, drama queens over our problems in love/life, we didn’t realize we were making memories because we just knew we were having fun.

We are living in this world with people having crab mentality and let’s not apply this with our friends. Never turn your back and don’t pull others down as you go up.
Happy 6 years of friendship!! Love you bakler! I can say that you’re the kind of friend that speaks well of me behind my back.


For us, this is what real ‪#‎friendshipgoal‬ is. To make our Mama and Papa proud, and yes! We made it. We never expected that after we graduated in high school we still had time to meet and catch up with each other, but because of God’s will, me and my best friend maintain our good relationship for about 6 years *and counting. We studied in different Universities, we met new circle of friends, we are getting busy for school papers, prepared ourselves for different defense in school, but we are thankful because we graduated and finish our course in allotted period.

It is very important to you guys that even you and your friends don’t talk too much you still take care of your relationship, make sure that they got your back in good times and even in their bad times. Treat each other as part of your family. Give advices not to harm your friends but to make them safe. Pray for each other. Don’t be shy to show how much you love them because it is really hard to find a friend that is always there to help you with no insecurities or whatever.

I am very thankful to have Ynah in my life because I know that she is one of what God has given to me to change my bad attitudes (whispers*** Yes you did!) and make my tomorrow a better one. I thank her for giving me thousands of love, care, concern, thoughtfulness (too many to mention) I really appreciate it. I thank her for our unexpected and expected galas, coffees, sleepovers, gifts, talks, trips. I thank her for letting me feel that I’m special to you. I thank her for this very genuine friendship. I love you girl. 😘❤️❤️❤️


Cheers! x

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