Have you read my 2-year-old post about Honeymoon Tour which I didn’t get the chance to attend to? Well, cry no more for me because finally, Dangerous Woman Tour happened to me!

Well, a quick post. I still have pcd from the concert and I don’t know when will I recover (or will I ever recover?) It sounds a bit oa but I’m a huge fan. I still just can’t believe I heard her freaking live! Hearing those high notes that I always listened to almost every day, it’s all worth it! My love for Ariana is Grande! nuks. 😍😘💋

I was supposed to go solo but good gracious I met an Arianator along the line of SM tickets and suddenly became my concert bud! Hi Anna! 🙂


We enjoyed everything, especially that there are themed booths around the arena to take pictures with! Sobrang IG worthy. swear*🤞

Good thing I saw the leaked set list on twitter night before the con and it gets me even more stoked. 

These songs get more meaningful to me after I heard them live❣❣

Ofc, Ariana Grande fans include celebrities like these people whom I’ve spotted!

Channeling my inner AG look. *wink*



please come back soon bae, I’ll be on VIP sec next time! I love you Mahal Kita! push

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