Mt. Marami- Silyang Bato ┼ Daytour Hike


We started the trek at 9 am and we reached the summit at 2 pm. I was shookt because this was my first ever hiking experience and I didn’t expect that things will get rough for me (and for my BFF) :p We’re a noob!


5 hours of trekking under the scorching heat of the sun to reach the summit is really exhausting. This excludes another 4 hours of going down back to our jump off point. We overcame several assaults and maraming walk over the flat surface. I remember I’m saying ayoko na many times every time I’m about to start to trek again because I can’t move my feet anymore but yes, we are determined to conquer the mountain and we’re still pushing ourselves to our limit kahit sobrang hirap na and this really tested my patience and endurance. lol meganon.

After hours of trekking, we stopped over and took a break and bought fresh buko for just P20! IMG_9559IMG_9551IMG_9539

We had lunch at 12 pm and resumed at 12:45 pm

IMG_9535and we finally saw the peak from afar. We’re coming for you~~IMG20170916124405-01



I admit I was one of those people who took pictures in every step of the way and in every IG worthy spots na walang papalampasing scenery without my selfie but this experience, swear!! Keber na kung di ko malabas cam/cp para magpicture. Keber na din kung mangitim sa araw.  When we’re 2 hours away from our jump-off, things only running into my mind is for this to end and of course to reach the summit and go home. In fact, I tried to vlog and shot a few clips but it’s a mess.


Finally I have the energy to move and take photos of the scenery. Stunning. Cliffs are my thing.


Maybe the reason why its called Mt. Marami is because maraming tuktok at maraming bato-peak. lol mema

Maraming lakad
Maraming ligaw
Maraming iyak
Maraming pahinga
Maraming assault
Maraming kababalaghan
Maraming bangin
Maraming ‘ayoko na’
Maraming hanash

IMG_20170917_230946-012017_0916_14521500-012017_0916_14205200-01Silyang bato is the reason why I pushed through this hike. *ehem*🙃 I’m the only one who took a sit and experienced legit view :p #feelingstrong 🙃Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor and nature

2017_0916_14422800-01-01Image may contain: mountain, sky, ocean, outdoor, nature and water

Mt. Pico de Loro can be seen from Mt. Marami but I didn’t get to capture it.

2017_0916_14080600-012017_0916_14173800-01A big thanks to this team for understanding as it took a lot of time for me to prepare for this adventure.IMG_9528-012017_0916_14242900-01

bestie uulit pa ba? 🤭 


*okay pampahaba.* Just to share with you guys we had an acute traumatic experience because 30mins away going back from our jump-off point, something weird and scary happened. After passing the bamboo bridge, me and the guide rested a bit and waited for my 2 friends just a few walks away and all of a sudden they got lost. Kuya Nelson started to search for them immediately and I heard him shouting their names because they climbed up on the wrong track and yes, I was left alone for about 5 minutes and I was panicking because it’s already 6:30 pm, my surroundings are getting dark, there’s no signal and I’m scared af. I remember I was running back and forth trying to follow the trail out but I realized I just can’t because there were several confusing paths and it’ll be harder if I was lost alone and decided to just wait for Kuya Nelson to come back for me.
When he came back, still he didn’t found my friends and he decided to just get me out first and he will come back for my friends after. While we’re walking in darkness, I suddenly forgot about my sore feet and I was trekking as fast as I can just to get out of that woods. (wow taylor swift faney). Long story short, Kuya Nelson came back with my friends after few minutes and we’re all relieved.

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I recommend planning your hike earlier like 5 am? or have an overnight stay to witness the best scene early in the morning and also to avoid the extreme heat at noon.


Mt. Marami – Maragondon, Cavite
405+ MASL
Jump-off: Brgy. Ramirez, Magallanes Cavite

Image result for header toiletriesWhat to bring: 🗻

  • 1.5 to 3L Water/Gatorade
  • Trail Food
  • Umbrella
  • Sunscreen
  • Toiletries
  • Extra shirts/shorts/slippers
  • Garbage bag (leave no trace)

2017_0916_14323400-01In case you might want to visit Mt. Marami, I suggest Kuya Nelson as your guide. You may reach him at 09065079694. Guide fee (dayhike) @ P500-P100

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