The Sunday Currently Vol.1

So I’m finally joining the bandwagon. I’ve actually thought of starting this volume many times already but I end up doing nothing and this time I’m literally lying in bed thinking of what productive thing should I do aside from yoloing at its finest. Okay so yeah let’s start.

Well wait, I first saw this Sunday Currently blogs from random blogs that I follow and one of them is Maine Mendoza. Yes? well you probably know her BIG time. I think it’s not really that I want this volumes to start but maybe for the sake of updating my blog! HAHA because my blog is somewhat ‘No gala No blog thing’. Para naman kahit papano di sayang bayad ko sa domainπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Game na!



I have actually took a break from reading Ruthless King by Meghan March. Girl! Ang intense! . For some who do not know, It’s actually alike from 50 shades of grey. Ohhh alam na babasahin na niya yan πŸ˜‚ Charot. The only reason why I download and read this book is because when I browse goodreads, Ruthless King is the top read and I gave it a try and now I’m page 146 of 192. I don’t really read that much but if it’s recommended by the readers I follow I really find time to binge-read.


Obviously updating this blog. Writing in raw from WP app. Guys don’t judge me pag may wrong grammar or what. Keber naπŸ˜‚


Thinking of what should I eat for meryenda. I’m craving for some puto seko and toasted bread. Ugh 😩


Adobo! My Pap’s reheating adobo! But yeah I want puto seko that much.



I actually redownload Taytay’s songs in Spotify. Idk lol it gives me nostalgic feeling. Also reminds me of highschool and college days.


for this week to be good and oh! A no hassle commute tomorrow since I’m going to pick up my NBI clearance at cityhall at 9am and will go straight to work. MRT ehem! Pakatino ka lagi pls.


pambahay shorts and a worship generation John 3:16 shirt. πŸ˜‡ *literally Sunday feels huh*


To have full body massage. God knows how tired I am with life. Lol. ALL IN NA


quite blue. I’m up for saving something and as a sacrifice, I’m trying to minimize my gala at hindi ako sanay πŸ˜•

Happy Sunday!

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