Box Park: Apple’s Birthday

This post is dedicated to the pretty, witty and kpopper friend of mine HAHAHA. So today’s Apple’s birthday!!! (11.8)  I have my free time now so why not update a post on the day itself? BUT lemme tell you this one rn, I’ve been awake for like 26 hours now and I can still managed to write these things up lol (I’ve never been up this long, ha) I realized it’s not appropriate to take a nap now hehe but anyways this will be posted late co’z wordpress has its own scheduled post! Leggo start this!

20151107_204734-01We had a sudden celebration of Apple’s birthday at Box Park in Congressional which is actually a  5 minute ride from their residence. Box Park is like StrEAT Park in Maginhawa 🙂 (SUPER HD PHOTOS ARE FROM APPLE’S CAM)

12208633_904293266324339_4933006842376039484_n 20151107_220443-01

These are some food brands I’ve taken in Box Park. It’s a new place for people who love to eat while enjoying the instagram-worthy eatables. Well I’ve searched for the list of shops there.

BoxYard101 (Australian beef burgers and steaks)
Porkfolio (pork crackling dishes)
The Pie Guys (The Mashinator pie)
Thai Food (Bangkok-style street food)
Baste & Taste (comfort food – pasta, chicken etc.)
Kazam Kebab House (Mediterranean food galore)
Plaza de Taqueria Mexicana Cantina (Mexican all-time favourites)
The Fry Guys (flavoured French fries)
Ozawa Noritako (Japanese with a twist)
Angel Treats (comfort food, gourmet products)
Colonel Frank’s (gourmet hotdogs/frankfurters)
Mr. Diggins (desserts, waffles, ice cream)
Cajita (churros)

20151107_223147-01 20151107_222622-01 20151107_222557-01 20151107_213300-01 20151107_210903-01


What we order that night. I really can’t remember the names and prices ugh but RIP to Apple’s wallet lol haha

12208824_904293726324293_1319316806349641923_n 20151107_213949-01 20151107_223528-01


12235390_1191218374228266_581768259_o 12233509_1191218004228303_1701836657_n

12226682_1191218200894950_1898674320_n 12212231_1191218300894940_491561978_n 20151107_222235-01

The gorg celebrant 😍😍🙌



High School Squad 👧‍❤️‍👯👶

12193672_904300276323638_6275566845882474799_n 12193474_904300689656930_7300360741979565037_n 12190094_904299662990366_6915397304471124612_n


From Box Park, we went straight to SB in Visayas Ave. 🍵 ☕️

12208571_904302986323367_2426055893559379924_n 12195910_904304809656518_4010807847980357541_n

And….. from then, we didn’t sleep and spent the entire night on nonstop kwentuhan! (literally) 😷

Happy Birthday APPLE! 🎁 🎊 🎉

😺 😸 😹 😻 😼 😽 🙀 😿 😾
Box Park is located in 73 Block 2 Lot 28 Congressional Ave, Tandang Sora, Quezon City
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 3pm-12mn

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