Typical Christmas 2K15

Christmas is all about Jesus, but why we tend to expect such things that we don’t really deserved I mean we’re not obliged nor other people to give and received gifts. I don’t take it against people who used to do this kind because even me, I’m doing the practice. This post is just to remind myself that real happiness doesn’t comes from tangible things. Too mainstream but true. I don’t think I’m extremely happy today well I don’t force myself either. There are some will judge that I am like THIS because I don’t received things this season (I’ve got some dude but not that many co’z money jk). I’m just wondering, are people including me posting pictures of themselves on social media were really happy? Genuinely happy of what’s happening to them right now I mean after those celebrations and holidays, NOW WHAT? will be the hanging question.

Seeing people around me bona fide laughing and smiling makes my heart think that this life is really a blessing. I reckon that God wants us to enjoy and pleasure our remaining consecrate time with Him on the center of our hearts and that’s I think one of the meaning of Christmas. So yes, I’ll just focus on things that made me realize what life truly is. This is just a rant from me and just want to give some space on this blog for future reminisce purpose. Merry Christmas everyone. Lezbehappy and blessed πŸ™‚

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