Birthday getaway at The Farm at San Benito

In the trees, in the breeze, seek nature’s peace and bliss. 

I still can’t believe I’ve got to celebrate my birthday at The Farm. I’m fully aware of how pricey an overnight stay at this holistic wellness resort is and I was glad our budget permitted us to stay at one of their affordable villas which is in the Sulu Terrace. I’ve been dreaming to visit this place since 2016 when I read Saab’s blog and saw how perfect the sceneries were. Finally, I got to witness myself the tranquility of this holistic resort and our stay was definitely a great one.

We’re welcomed by cordial and helpful staff from the lobby up to our villa.
I had an ecstatic feeling after we settled all our check-in requirements at 12 PM, we were assisted straight to our villa knowing that the original check in time is at 2 PM. I was surprised because we were allowed to check-in early, free of charge unlike other resorts we visited. Well anyways, it was the best since we have more time to rest and explore the facilities.

Pristine Pools

POOLS! See how perfect these pools are to dip in. It looks like that we’re the only guest inside but I asked a staff if the resort was fully booked that day and she said yes. hmmm





This terrace has been our home for our whole stay and is worthy of every cent. It looks small on the outside but wide and spacious on the inside. It has all the things we need. The only downside and worst part was going to the comfort room at night because it’s on the lower level so we have to make an effort going down.



The perfect spot to have meditation. It feels like I entered a different world where nature heals your mind, body and soul.


Huge seasonal fruit platter and  granola cereal for breakfast. We’re not used in eating greens for an entire day and we’re torturing ourselves by imagining buckets of chicken, meats and lots of rice while eating HAHAHA but this seldom happens so…. I loooove the fruit platter btw.

The most expensive dinner we’ve ever had!  TF Salisbury Steak, Pasta Puttanesca and chocolate something with ice cream for dinner. All 3 dishes for P1,600++. 



Overall, we had an amazing stay and if someone would ask me if I’m going to visit this place again, my answer will always be YES! But next time I want to experience swimming in the Narra pool villa!

Kudos to all the staff! I had the best birthday getaway!

Here’s a short video of our stay. Watch in HD para malinaw unte 😂🤗

Be part of a healing journey. Feed your soul. Clear your mind

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119 Barangay Tipakan 4217 Lipa City, Batangas Philippines





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